Steve Vai in Oslo, Rockefeller 09.10.2005. After soundcheck.                Steve Vai in Oslo, Rockefeller 09.10.2005. Signing autographs.

 Frank Zappa in Oslo 1984 - SAS Hotel                Frank Zappa in Oslo 1988 - Press Conference

 Allan Holdsworth in Oslo - Club 7 - 1987                                         Thomas Nordegg - Steve Vai's ... and also Frank Zappa's. 2005

 Mike Keneally in Oslo 2000 touring with Steve Vai                             Mike Keneally and me eating pizza and drinking beer. 2000.

 Billy Sheehan in Oslo touring with Steve Vai. Okt 2005 .                                           Jeremy Colson. Steve Vai's drummer. Oktober 2005.


The man with the incredible voice. Ray White !   Okt 2007.                                                        From Zappa Plays Zappa. The multitalented Scheila Gonzalez.


 The one and only Dweezil Zappa. In Stavanger  9.10.2007.                                           With Don Preston at Grandmothers Oslo 30.04.09. He's 76 years old !!!


 The amazing Roy Estrada from Grandmothers & Zappa                                                 Napoleon M. Brock. A really nice guy ! And he can sing and play sax too !


Tirill and Camilla from Oslo Camerata. Grandmothers backup players on Cello & Violin