Focusrite Saffire Pro 10

I recently purchased a laptop and have started recording music again.
I am using this to write/record new songs and to make demos fro Glamslam and Tres Amigos.
So this is my designated soundcard.

Saffire PRO 10



This is a recording device that lets you record directly to MP3 or wave if that is preferred. Great for recording rehersals or ideas.

Roland A33

The Roland A33 is a versatile 76 note master keyboard which combines advanced MIDI control with user friendly functions.
The professional quality controller offers a superb semi-weighted action with a pair of MIDI outs two key zones and 32 user patch locations.



Shure SM58  -  Shure SM57 - AKG C414XLII - AKG C4000

Microphones... can't get enough of those.
The AKG C414XLII I use recording vocals and the AKG C4000 is for recording guitars.



Cables and shit .....                                                                                                    Cases and shit .....


For the band Tres Amigos we have our own PA system. All active speakers.

Mackie SRM-450. 5 of em. 3 we use as monitors and two as PA tops. Mackie SWA1501 15" subs. 2 of those. The mixer is Behringer SL2442FX-PRO.