N E W S B R E A K  !

Wow .. a year with no updates .... LAME !!
Anyway .. another successful year with Hitmachine. Tons of great gigs!
As usual tons of new gear. Guitar and Amps section updated .. effects a work in progress.
And a new band as well ... I have joined Saints & Sinners a Whitesnake tribute band.
Should be a busy 2013 ...

Lots of news in the gear departement.
I sold 3 Marshalls and two guitars.
1 new Marshall - The AFD 100 Slash with a 1960AHW handwired greenbacks cabinet.
Also two very - VERY - special guitars has been added. Check them out now ! 

Yes here we are .. 2011 !
Looks like it's going to be a fantastic music year !
Hitmachine has gone into overdrive with gigs ... best year ever !
Lots of new stuff .. guitar .. amps ..
6 Gibson les Pauls .. so far .. a Joe Bonamassa - Ace Frehley - two VOS ...
and a special new Ibanez arriving soon ...
Amps ... well  a new Marshall arriving soon .. sold a few too ..
And the
AxeFx is just a great new addition !

Hitmachine going better than ever. Tons of gigs - again!
A couple of new Marshall amps - and sold a few as well !
Some changes in the Guitar department as well. 3 new Les Pauls.
And posted a few more YouTube clips - it's up on the Music site.

Hitmachine going better than ever. Tons of gigs !
Made a video and more to come:
I'm on a couple of tracks of Petters Aagaards funky CD -
Pozitivity. Check it out !
And as usual lots of new gear ... My new main Marshall -
The JCM2555 Slash. It's the best one yet ...
And the amp page is updated now ...

Wow can't believe it's already 2010. Had a great musical 2009 and looking forward to 2010.
Have a few new Marshalls as usual ... and actually sold one too. Will post pictures soon.

Summer is over and have been gigging non stop. Next 9 weekends ... all gigs !
More YouTube Videos this time some fun demos of my Vintage Modern
YouTube Vintage Modern 1
YouTube Vintage Modern 2
YouTube Vintage Modern 3
And of course some new Marshalls. 2 new cabinetts.
A Silver Jubilee 2x12 to go with my Silver Jubilee 2553 and a Slash Custom 1960 4x12 with Vintage 30's.

New pics are updated on the Amp section->
My Amps
And of course a new amp has been added .. pics coming soon .. it's yes a Marshall (Silver Jubilee)
My new computer has arrived and is up and running. The video editing has begun !!
See a sample here:

Saturday 25.07 it's Smuget time again in Oslo ! Should be fun !
Summer is here but not for Hitmachine. We playing pretty much every weekend all summer !
I recently aquired a Canon HD video-camera so lots of videos coming soon as soon as I get myself a new computer.
We shot some footage from our Stena Line gig last month and it looks pretty good.
Oh yeah it's about time for more Marshall's again.
Two new ones. 6100LM and a Vintage Modern half-stack. Pictures coming soon !

Finally the pics from our gig at Smuget in Easter is up.
Here is some of them. More to come on the Hitmachine website

Went to check out Grandmothers at Gamle Logen on 30.04. A really nice concert. All Zappa !
Here's some
pics !

Not a lot of news updates lately but lots going on.
New Marshall added, again, this one a
JCM 900 SL-X. It's the one Kiss used... had to have it !
Gigs a plenty. Hitmachine going as good as expected. Had a fun gig at Smuget last week.
Took a lot of cool pics which will be posted soon. Check back !
In the mean time check these Youtube clips from the gig:

Got three new Marshall amps in my ever growing collection. Check em out:
Marshall 1923
Marshall 6101
Marshall 2554

    Also things are looking good for a great year for Hitmachine.
The demo is in hand, new posters are coming up, more new songs in the setlist and the gigs are rolling in ...

We are finished making the new demo for Hitmachine. 2 days in
Urban Studio.
Thanx a lot to Thomas for making it sound excellent.
You can check it out on the
Hitmachine site or download them HERE.
I have sold my Marshall JVM401H but a new Marshall is coming soon.

Marshall 1923 85th Anniversary

The website for
Hitmachine is now up and running. Check it out !
2 gigs so far and more coming soon.
Also we will be making a new demo soon. Studio session in early November.
A first for me:
Youtube with Coverboys !

Coverboys has awaken from the dead
 and are now called:
A new website will be up and running very soon. Check back !
We are currently in deep rehearsals with a new drummer.

The Coverboys are no more. The band has temporarily shut down.
Eskil has left the band but it will soon be up and running with a new drummer and a new bandname. Stay tuned !
On a happier note my new Gibson Les Paul Custom has arrived... finally !

Check it out ... it's a keeper ! 


The Coverboys Gigs at Smuget 2 fridays in a row went very well.
And last friday i got to premiere my new Guitar which I will soon post in detail in the Tech section.
Here's a little preview:

20th Anniversary Jem


10.06.08 - More gigs are coming up as we speak. Looks like a very busy summer.
Had the first gig with
Covergirls at Soria Moria, and more coming this summer/fall. Next up is Goldagan in Gol.
Shockadelica is out in stores and yes I am on it with the band GlamSlam. Sounds great. Pick up a copy !
The release concert at Parkteatret was superb. Almost 400 people and close to a packed house.
It was a great party. You missed out if you weren't there...
But you can catch a glimpse as NRK was there: 
And TVNorge as well
My amprack with Coverboys is starting to shape up. I will soon post more pictures in the Guitar Tech section.

14.03.08 - Easter is upon us and it's time to go on the road. Tomorrow it's Glamslam in Larvik - Kafe Kurth.
And wednesday we go into the mountains to entertain the norwegian skiiers.
4 gigs in 3 days...  I'm hoping to to hit the slopes as well in between the beers & partys :-)
Check out
http://www.gtrman.no for updated gigs. More coming soon ...
The rehersals with
Covergirls is going as planned. First gig will be at Soria Moria in Oslo 30 May !
I'm listening to the finished mix of the song Days Of Wild which will be released on the Prince tribute CD
that Christer Falck is releasing on June 7.... IT ROCKS !!
We will play at the releaseconcert at Parkteatret... check back later for details ! Many special guests !

03.02.08 - Our first gig with Coverboys went very well. Looks promising and many more gigs will be forthcoming.
The pics from the photoshoot is already up. Check it out:   

The new band I will be joining as a hired gun is Covergirls. Check em out: www.covergirls.no
We will start rehearsing in a couple of weeks...

23.01.08 - Lots of stuff happening. New Gigs with 3 bands are up and many more to come.
I have been rehearsing hard with Coverboys the last 2 months and our first gig is in 10 days.
Just finished laying Guitar tracks today on Days Of Wild which will be released on a Prince Tribute CD coming out this summer.
Tomorrow we are having a photoshoot with Coverboys. New pics will be out soon.
As if I'm not having enough bands to play for another one is coming up in february. Stay tuned for details...

4.11.07 - Some new pics at the bottom -> http://www.gtrman.no/pics_celebs.htm

01.11.07 -  The new band Mistreated is shaping up and will be ready for gigs before the new year.
Looks like a new guitar might be coming my way next week....

01.09.07 - Lots of stuff happening as always. More band coming up. Check out the Band page

- A new Fender Telecaster is coming soon to the equipment page.
- New gigs with Tres Amigos.

- A new Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop in the guitar section. I sold my old Fender Stratocaster Ultra :-(
- Updates on the Gtr Tech effects page. http://www.gtrman.no/guitar_effects.htm

- Finally the website for Tres Amigos is up  http://www.tresamigos.no
Not much there yet but stuff is happening. Check back later !

- New equipment will be displayed soon.

Marshall JCM 800 stack and Peavey JSX stack.
A new Ibanez Steve Vai Bad Horsie guitar.
Lots of new pedals ...

- I have bought a laptop and have started recording music.
I am currently mixing a 24 track recording from GlamSlam's last Smuget gig.
And we have just started creating a brand new demo from Tres Amigos.

- More videos and Mp3's is coming soon.
Check out some brand new GlamSlam Live at Smuget MP3's.
This was recorded on an Alesis 24 track (thanx Eskil - u da man!).