My effects


I have 3 different setup for the bands Hitmachine, Glamslam and Tres Amigos.
Below is some of my other effects that I use on different occasions.










This is a pedalboard I used for Glamslam before I upgraded. It's velcro and has six 9V power sources. Comes with a soft-case. It has been on the road for a few years and it does the job.







Boss DD-7
Boss CE-5
Boss BF-3
Boss NS-2
Boss TU-2
Boss RV-3









Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II
Marshall RF-1 Reflector
Marshall EH-1 Echohead




Ibanez TS9 - Tube Screamer 

MXR EVH Phase 90





Digitech Whammy. 













Tonebone Trimode

This is a tube distortion pedal. It has some interesting sounds. I'm still trying to figure out when to use it.




Morley Little Alligator

Steve Vai's volume pedal. Don't use it. But nice to have.


Morley ABY

This can be used when using 2 guitar on one amp or one guitar on 2 amps.